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The Arts Society Steyning9th April 2018Rupert Willoughby will give an illustrated talk on Basingstoke and its contribution to World Culture: The Modern Post War Architecture of an English town.
Steyning Arts: Are you ready to hit the Art Trail?2nd April 2018The Art Trail provides a showcase for talented local artists across a broad range of disciplines – including painting, print making, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, crafts and photography.
Line-up for Steyning Festival announced!2nd April 2018There is something for everyone at this year's Festival:
Gardening News: Magnolis Stellata1st April 2018The sweet smell of spring should now be evident in all our gardens
From the Museum archives: The Steward of the Manor of Steyning1st April 2018William was living at a time when life was uncertain. As a young man, some twenty years earlier, there had been a string of disastrously wet and cold summers leading to the failure of one harvest after another, causing famine and death.
Become a Friend of Steyning Parish Church.1st April 2018We are lucky to have such a historic and beautiful church in Steyning. ‘The Friends of Steyning Parish Church’ has been formed to help look after it.
Steyning Community Orchard News: April 20181st April 2018The Steyning Community Orchard is growing apace – in more ways than one.
April Book Reviews1st April 2018Selection for all
Upper Beeding School Celebrate Book week1st April 2018There were lots of other interesting activities for the children – caught reading prizes, golden tickets, storytelling lunchtimes, pass the story to name a few.
Steyning Parish Council Community Film Night: Murder on the Orient Express1st April 2018
Greening Steyning: Steyning Give Your Stuff Away Day1st April 2018The focus of the event is to divert waste from landfill and to make useful items available to others for free.
PPG Steyning Medical Practice1st April 2018Presentations giving information about services and support that can be available.
Steyning Bowling Club1st April 2018Steyning Bowling Club will open its Green for the new season On 14th April and will welcome new members, Ladies or Gentlemen of any age or level of experience.
Take a Seat Campaign1st April 2018Steyning Parish Church is launching its first attempt at crowdfunding at Easter. We are looking for support to transform the current pew coverings and do justice to the only Grade I Listed Building in Steyning, and make the church feel more welcoming.
The Steyning Scandal Walk1st March 2018Secrets of a Sussex Market Town, 1547-1947
Gardening News - Brunnera-Jack-Frost1st March 2018More and more signs of life appear in the garden as March arrives, bringing with it some warmth and spring sunshine.
Potter Mania Sweeps Steyning Primary School1st March 2018Local pupils were left spellbound after their school was transformed into a whimsical wizarding world in celebration of Harry Potter Night – a national event that honours the fiction book.
Wartime letter unearthed at Sompting Abbotts School links son to his family past.1st March 2018The discovery of an old letter dating from 1939 beneath floorboards at Sompting Abbotts' Preparatory School, Worthing, has connected a man to his British family during WW2.
Outdoor Family Adventures across Sussex1st March 2018Sussex Wildlife Trust is launching 16 wildlife & bushcraft groups this spring for children aged 3-5 and 5-11 in Ardingly, Brighton, Crawley, Eastbourne, Henfield, Horsham and Rye.
Steyning History Society.1st March 2018The Lady Julian set sail in July 1789 with its reluctant cargo and this is the amazing story of the voyage and how these unprepossessing women reinvented themselves and helped found Australia.
Gardening News - Brunnera-Jack-Frost1st March 2018More and more signs of life appear in the garden as March arrives, bringing with it some warmth and spring sunshine.
Henfield Preloved Marketplace1st March 2018Charity shops are also a crucial part of the recycling cycle
March Reviews1st March 2018March reading selection
Steyning Festival: Volunteers Wanted1st March 2018Would you like to be part of the biggest volunteer run and led festival? Any time you can give us would be very much appreciated. Feel free to volunteer in more than one area.
Steyning Downland Scheme Bird Surveys 20171st March 2018The total number of birds seen or heard on Steyning Downland Scheme rose to a surprising 93 species in 2017
Henfield Theatre Company1st March 2018Running for 3 nights: 15th, 16th, 17th March 2018 - this wonderful comedy consists of five mini-plays all apparently separate but, in fact, cleverly interlinked.
Steyning Parish Council Community Film Night: Screening VICTORIA AND ABDUL1st March 2018The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria's remarkable rule.
FREE Lunchtime Charity Concert1st March 2018A feast of music by Strauss (Johann & Richard) Purcell, Busser, Rogers & Hart featuring a range of music styles.
March Reviews1st March 2018March reading selection
The Steyning in Bloom Quiz1st March 2018All the things you though you knew about Great Britain and Northern Ireland but... maybe you didn't.
Steyning Community Orchard – March News1st March 2018On a dark and damp January evening, shadowy figures congregated around a group of mysterious masked and ribbon-adorned people. The annual Wassail had begun!
The Parish which Cared1st March 2018Over many centuries diligent records have been kept of the people of Steyning and what was happening to them. Although, after so many years, the records are incomplete they hint at intriguing stories.
Elan Nursery Charity Raffle for Great Ormond Street2nd February 2018Charity event at elan nursery Steyning.
Sompting Abbotts pupils chosen to illustrate best-selling author's work2nd February 2018Artwork by Year 8 pupils at Sompting Abbotts Preparatory School near Steyning has been chosen to illustrate international best-selling author Alex Preston's work. Alex Preston is an alumni of the historic school.
Book Reviews2nd February 2018
Horsham District Council - Your waste collection service is changing – are you ready?2nd February 2018From February 2018 Horsham District Council will be rolling out changes to your waste and recycling collection service.
OBE for Steyning man Nick Linfield2nd February 2018Steyning resident and former Sompting Abbotts Prep School pupil Nick Linfield has been awarded an OBE for his Services to Defence.
Steyning Parish Council: Community Film Night - Screening CHURCHILL2nd February 2018A ticking-clock thriller following Winston Churchill in the 96 hours before D-Day.
Become a Friend of Steyning Festival2nd February 2018Friends are a support group for the Festival.
Women’s World Day of Prayer in Steyning, Bramber and Beeding2nd February 2018On Friday 2nd March 2018 at 2pm the Church of Christ The King, Steyning will be hosting the annual Women’s World Day of Prayer
Upper Beeding Primary School - Penny Farthing Visit2nd February 2018Neil Laughton cycled the Penny Farthing to the school dressed in clothes that he might have worn at that time.
Upper Beeding Primary School - Bicycle experience2nd February 2018On a wet and windy Monday the children at Upper Beeding Primary School brought their bikes or scooters to school to participate in a bicycle experience to launch our topic “On the Move”.
Steyning Community Orchard.2nd February 2018
How do you make an apple tree? Plant an apple pip, or possibly take a cutting, like you do for many other plants?
Steyning Museum Archives - Edgy Elections2nd February 2018In 1791, when old William Peckham, who lived in the High Street, stood before a House of Commons committee which was enquiring into Steyning’s rigged parliamentary election, he was asked about his past voting record.
Garden News: Galanthus (Snowdrop)2nd February 2018February can be one of the coldest months of the year but one of my favourites. The emerging spring bulbs and sweet-scented winter flowering shrubs provide a hint of what’s to come in the following year. Hopefully by now you will have completed all the work in preparation for spring and can sit back and wave good bye to the winter.
Henfield Theatre Company: Anne of Green Gables1st January 2018Thursday 4th January - 19:30 - 22:00 The Henfield Hall, Coopers Way, Henfield.
Steyning Greening Campaign: Give Your Stuff Away Day1st January 2018Sunday 7th January - 13:00 - 16:00 Catholic church hall, Bramber Road, Steyning
Steyning Farmers' Market1st January 2018Saturday 6th January - 09:00 - 14:00 Steyning Town Centre car park opposite the clock tower
Steyning Parish Council: Community Film Night: Screening: Alone in Berlin1st January 2018Wednesday 3rd January - 19:30 - 22:00 The Steyning Centre, Fletchers Croft, Steyning
Steyning Parish Council Notices:1st January 2018The Visitor & Tourism Group of the Community Partnership has been working with Steyning Parish Council and West Sussex County Council on guidelines to control the quantity and quality of advertising material that is being displayed on the corner of the A283 and Horsham Road.
Book Reviews1st January 2018New Year Reading selection
The Towers House Dance Competition1st January 2018The Towers celebrated Founder’s Day last week with pupils from the age of 4 to 16 joining in the House Dance Competition.
The Goring Family of Wiston, Sussex 1745 - 19051st January 2018In 2004 Harry Goring, owner of the Wiston Estate in West Sussex, asked his sister Jane to ‘look through’ an old wooden estate box full of hundreds of Victorian letters ‘to see if there is anything interesting’
The West Sussex school ‘secret’ garden that's inspired a hit song1st January 2018Ned Mortimer, lead singer of the band August and After, has revealed that the lyrics to his best-selling song, The Orchard, from the album Embers, were inspired by his time as a pupil at Sompting Abbotts Preparatory School, near Steyning.
Parish-based Neighbourhood De-clustering Plan1st January 2018Following the recent “de-clustering” of the Steyning, Wiston, Ashurst & Bramber Neighbourhood Plan project (SWAB), Steyning is now going ahead with its own parish-based Neighbourhood Plan.
Steyning Museum Archives - Browsing the Archives1st January 20182018 is upon us and, at this time of the year, it is fun to browse through the Museum’s archives to see whether the year is the anniversary of any particularly momentous events.
Garden News: Plant of The Month: Chimonanthus praecox1st January 2018Chimonanthus, otherwise known as Wintersweet, is grown chiefly for the wonderful scent produced by its insignificant, creamy-yellow, waxy flowers, borne on bare stems from about December to March. It is found growing wild at altitudes of 10,000ft among the mountain scrub of China and was introduced into this country in 1766.
Steyning Community Orchard: Wassail led by local Morris dancers - Mythago Morris1st January 2018An offering is made to the tree. People dip slices of toast in a wassail bowl filled with mead, crab apples, sugar, spices and egg and hang them in the branches of the tree, a token of thanks for the fruit it has borne in the previous year and a gift to the tree spirit living within it.
Steyning Museum ARCHIVES: Christmas Eve in Steyning – a story from the Past1st December 2017Set in the year 1861 when the railway line to Steyning had only very recently been completed, it centered on a boy called Tommy Holden and how the events of that Christmas Eve unfolded for him. Sadly for us, other things intervened for George and he did not get to the point of publishing it.
Book Reviews1st December 2017Our pick of the best Christmas books!
Garden News1st December 2017It’s not a bad thing to have a bit of a break but just remember that being too sluggish through the winter creates a massive backlog of work to do come Spring. Its never a bad thing to tick off the odd job every now and then to ensure you are ready when spring arrives.
Steyning & District Business Chamber Late Night Christmas Shopping1st December 2017Steyning High Street - Wednesday 6th December, 2017 - 18:00 to 21:00. Come and join us for an evening of fun, festivities and seasonal shopping.
Steyning Festival 2018 - Theatre Trials1st December 2017Entries are invited for the 2018 Steyning Festival Theatre Trials.
Talented Sompting Abbotts pupil makes CBeebies voice-over debut1st December 2017CBeebies’ new popular programme, Olobob Top, features the voice of a pupil from Sompting Abbotts Preparatory School, near Steyning. It was the debut voice-over performance for 10-year-old Veronica Painter who plays an endearing squirrel called Crunch
Steyning Town Community Football Club: Christmas Party1st December 2017Saturday 9th - 14:30 - 19:00
Rotary Club of Steyning and Henfield1st December 2017Join us this year in celebrating Christmas, the season of giving, by supporting our Street Collections and Carol Service. All funds raised will go directly ot supporting those in need.
Steyning's Annual Seasonal Folk Singing: Singing at Christmas1st December 2017Singing will this year take place at Steyning Cricket Club on Thursday 21st December from 7.30pm.
Garden News1st November 2017As Winter fast approaches, it’s not quite time to pack up the tools quite yet. There is still much to see and do in the garden and it’s the best time of year to start thinking about plans for next year while everything is still fresh in your mind. Don’t forget to take some time out though and take in all that lovely autumn awesomeness too.
Steyning Museum archives - Steyning and the Irish Question1st November 2017One sunny Sunday in the late June of 1998 the Irish ambassador to the United Kingdom stood on the pavement behind the railings at the junction of Church Street and the High Street, trying to make his voice heard above the noise of passing traffic.
Book Reviews1st November 2017Book selection
Steyning Community Orchard: Apple Day 2017 report1st November 2017Unusually for us, the weather took a while to settle down and after a damp start the hardy revellers were joined by the many more and by the end of the four hours the orchard was packed with people enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and great activities.
Support local choirs at two events1st November 2017With contemporary, jazz and popular song you can expect a feast of stunning harmonies & an eclectic programme.
Steyning Parish Council: Community Film Night1st November 2017Gemma Arterton is a novice writer drafted in to help and Bill Nighy steals the show as a vain actor past his prime.
A Walk To Remember 20171st November 2017On Sunday 8th October, Guild Care hosted its 5th annual Walk To Remember, where hundreds of participants set off from Worthing Pavilion on a 5k or 10k route across Worthing seafront.
Steyning Late Night Shopping Evening 20171st November 2017
Upper Beeding Primary School1st November 2017
Garden News1st October 2017It doesn’t have to be the end of the gardening year, by careful planning you can still provide a crescendo of colours for you to enjoy until the frosts knock it all back in November.
Steyning Community Orchard. Apple Day. 7th October. 1 - 4pm FREE1st October 2017The SCO is looking forward to welcoming you all to our fourth Apple Day.
Steyning Museum archives - Bought and Sold1st October 2017Strange things have been bought and sold in Steyning over the years.
Book Reviews from The Steyning Bookshop1st October 2017October book choices
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