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Our magazines are delivered by hand, door to door, by our regular teams of delivery people, meaning that your advert will be seen and read by thousands of home owners and businesses. We also separately distribute a number of our magazines to a few key pick up points in each area, such as Libraries, local shops and restaurants, dental surgeries and doctors for general consumption as well.


 1 Month Package
3 Months Package
6 Months package
 12 Months Package
 Eighth Page
 Quarter Page
NA £133 £239 £447
 Half Page
£80 £186 £351 £658
 Full Page
£151 £335 £634 £1151
 Single Pad Advertorial
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 Back Cover
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Loose inserts

Loose Inserts delivered with each magazine:
Steyning: £195, plus VAT (payment made prior to distribution)Please deliver 3200 leaflets by the 22nd of the month prior to insertion.

Art work formats:

Artwork can be supplied in most acceptable formats: PDF or High Res (300dpi) JPG.

Advert Specifications

Full page: 225mm x 154mm (portrait)
Half page: 154mm x 110mm (landscape)
Quarter page: 110mm x 75mm (portrait)
Eighth page: 75mm x 53mm (landscape)

In House Art Work

Barawood Publishing offers FREE art work for use in any of the Barawood publications.
If you pass this art work to a 3rd party, please call for permission, a small charge will apply.


Please send us art work by the 10th of each month for inclusion into the following month's issue.

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