Steyning for Trees

Many thanks to all of you who took a free tree to plant in your garden from our stall at the Market, and it was good to hear from so many of you that most of the 240 trees we gave out last year were thriving. Well done with the watering in such a dry year!

WE HAVE SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS about planting more trees around Steyning. We have been given the opportunity to plant a spinney (mini-forest?) of trees on some private land plus another hedge. As the Parish Council has little other land besides Abbey Road, this gives us a great opportunity to extend the wildlife corridors, suck up carbon and pollution and add more cover for mammals, invertebrates and birds to increase biodiversity to benefit the residents of Steyning - present and future.

We are extremely grateful to our benefactors/landowners, whose families have a longstanding history of service to Steyning including the church. Also to the resident of Abbey Road, a great supporter of SFT, who gave us these contacts. This will tie in with the idea of a ‘mini-forest’ suggested at the Vision 2030 biodiversity meeting. Steyning For Trees are very happy to help them fulfil their and our aims so quickly.
We hope to plant it this November and it will be watered by the landowner with captured rainwater so, environmentally we have a win-win situation here. This we hope will be of great benefit to all residents of Steyning including the feathered and small and fluffy!

As the Grammar School is still unable to help us we would be extremely grateful to hear from volunteers for the planting – quite a simple T cut with a spade.
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