Portrait: A Personal Interpretation

Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November.

Building on the successful Steyning Arts online Summer Exhibition, we are once again showcasing our members’ talents this autumn.

Whilst the rules we live by alter by the week, creativity and innovation live on!  We hope you’ll be tempted to go online from the Friday to the Sunday to view works by 22 of our members and also by a few students from Steyning Grammar School. It’s being masterminded by one of our newer members, Jamie Ampleford, who has offered to put this exhibition together. Jamie’s own portraiture has featured on a recent episode of Sky Arts ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’, we are excited to have him in the driving seat on this event.

The online exhibition will unfold as a synchronised series of posts over three days. You can find it on Facebook or Instagram by searching for @steyningarts. And please help boost our online reach by sharing, liking and commenting on your favourite images.

Or you can dive in at any time and see the diverse array of work from all 60 Steyning Artists by visiting our website: https://steyningarts.co.uk/

We look forward to reading your comments on the forthcoming online posts.

Amanda Duke co-chair Steyning Arts
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