Front Cover: ‘Two Birds’ Hand Printed Linocut Artwork

Front Cover: Melissa Birch Lino Printer

‘Two Birds’ Hand Printed Linocut Artwork
We are delighted to feature local artist Melissa Birch on our front cover this month.

Have been making art since graduating from art college in the 1990’s and now live in Upper Beeding, where I run workshops, exhibit in local galleries and sell work through my Etsy shop online. My artworks are made by lino printing, which means I carve images into a lino or vinyl sheet, apply ink to the surface and then print onto paper. Different colours can be added by printing new layers on top. You can see more examples at

Living in this part of the country inspires my love of nature, particularly floral structures and regularly draw inspiration from the untidy flowerbeds of my own garden, as well as the local countryside. I then try to capture the beauty of that plant with simple line and shape. Print-making is a very slow and meditative process which I find calming, and my images become more considered and refined than when sketching in freehand.

As a member of Steyning Arts, feel very lucky to be part of the artistic life of Steyning, and appreciate the support we receive from the public and our fabulous High Street community. Am delighted to be showing my work at Raft Furniture this month, and also regularly stock greeting cards and prints at Basement93. Hope you get the chance to see some of the many delights that are on offer as you are out and about this September!

If you would like to know more please visit:
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