Do you want to be successful and Significant?

Do you want to refocus your life on what matters most to you?
In Significance, Sunday Times bestselling local author, former Oxford University fellow and leadership expert, Paul Hannam, explains how to refocus your life on what matters most, and respond to our turbulent times with an exciting and inspiring mindset that will help you thrive in the new normal.

In 2020 the world changed and so did we. We began to re-evaluate and re-order our priorities in response to Coronavirus, lockdowns and the 'new normal'.

The pandemic has been a portal into a new world of possibilities, a time to focus on areas of your life that you had neglected or even to reinvent yourself.

This is a blueprint for reinventing yourself, and learning how to lead a significant life in the new era where kindness, simplicity and collaboration are more appreciated than self-interest, consumerism and individualism. This is a handbook of life skills for thriving in the 'new normal' and redefining your ideas of success, happiness and fulfilment. The contrast between a significant and insignificant life has never been clearer.

• Are you ready to choose?
• Have you questioned the meaning of your work, and felt that there has to be more to     life than this?
• Are you clearer than ever before about what is essential or not?
• Do you believe that you are not living up to your potential, and that you could do and be so much more?
• Have you been inspired by the extraordinary heroes fighting coronavirus, to want to contribute to the greater good?

If this describes you, then Significance will guide you on a life changing journey to find your own answers and build the life that you want, leaving behind the old one that you have got used to. Now is the time to be courageous and no longer settle for comfort, routine and convention. Now is the time to become the best version of you!

Significance is a philosophy for life and a transformative Mindset that will help you make the following progressive shifts:

• More clarity, less uncertainty.
• More purpose, less drifting
• More growth, less inertia.
• More giving, less taking.
• More courage, less neediness.
• More coherence, less fragmentation.
• More cooperation, less competition
• More wisdom, less information.
• More openness, less defensiveness.
• More responsibility, less blame.
• More service, less self interest.
• More authenticity, less pretence.
• More gratitude, less dissatisfaction.
• More depth, less superficiality.
• More soul, less ego.
• More significance, less insignificance.

Paul will also show you how changing your story will change your life, and how you can become the hero in your own significant story. You don’t have to keep on living and working on autopilot. You don't have to settle for less or stay stuck in your comfort zone. There’s an exciting new life awaiting you. You can become the best version of yourself and find meaning in life. Significance is the apotheosis of your ideals, passions, career and character.

If you are a leader and committed to your leadership development, you will learn how to lead from a deeper and more powerful source of energy, motivation, love and understanding. You will be able to find your calling and help your people find theirs too, so you can all become significant.

I hope that you when you have read this book, you will commit to significance and live by the principles that have been so admired during these challenging times.

I hope that you will maintain the same spirit of compassion, cooperation and community that has enriched our society, and take it forward with you into your home and your office

I hope that you will refocus your life on what matters most.

Significance will be free to download from Tuesday June 2nd to June 4th at:
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