Cyclists and Public Rights of Way

Where can I cycle off road??

Cycling has become increasingly popular and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep fit.

It is important that we are all clear on the statutory rights of where we can cycle off road and the code of conduct to ensure cyclists co-exist harmoniously and safely when in close proximity of equestrians and walkers.

The Country side Act 1968 gave cyclists the right to use bridleways but stated they must give way to horse riders and walkers, many do not seem to be aware of this!

Cyclists and horse riders are not allowed on footpaths. It is not the type of surface that donates a bridleway but the signage. The footpath along the riverside in Bramber has surface suitable for use with buggies and small children or those with impaired mobility or the need for mobility buggies not bikes.

Cyclists must stay on the South Downs Way & Downs Link bridleway.

Concerns about antisocial or misuse of the rights of way can be reported to our local neighborhood wardens or the relative parish council SUSSEX PATHWATCH.

If you see ANY illegal or irresponsible off-road vehicle activity, please report to Sussex Police on 101 or report to the website:

Obstructions On the rights of way, for example a fallen tree can be reported on the WWSC Rights of way – link to Report a problem
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