2030 Vision Survey: A first look at the results

We were delighted with the response to our 2030  Vision Survey. Over 450 people completed the survey, across all age groups.

The survey was the first step in Greening Steyning’s new 2030 Project. We tested forty different ideas for the future across six key areas – Transport, Homes, Energy, Shopping, Biodiversity and the local Economy.

The results showed a remarkable degree of consensus around many of the ideas proposed. The following ten top ideas all got approval ratings of 92% or more, with respondents rating them ‘good’ or ‘great’ ideas:

• Many new trees have been planted.
• Steps have been taken to create 'wildlife corridors' throughout the area.
• Local farmers are working to encourage biodiversity on their farms and minimise their environmental impact.
• No more building has been allowed on the Adur floodplain.
• There are many more solar panels on local schools, offices and public buildings.
• New housing is designed with climate resilience in mind.
• We are much better at caring for vulnerable groups within the community.
• We have vibrant and flourishing High Streets with most essentials available locally.
• There are community collection points for hard-to-recycle items.
• There has been a big reduction of food waste.

Most of the other suggestions got high approval ratings, too, with over three quarters thinking they were ‘good’ or ‘great’ ideas. The most uncertainty was over the feasibility of cutting down on privately owned cars. 57% were 'in favour', but 31% were ‘unsure’ and 12% 'against'.

Only two ideas were considered to be ‘doubtful’ or ‘bad ideas’ by more than 20% of people: building wind turbines on the South Downs, and pedestrianising Steyning High Street. Yet even these were supported by over half of those who filled in the survey.

An emerging vision:
Now, thanks to the survey, we have a much clearer idea of what people want our community to be by 2030.

Next steps:
The results add up to a strong vote of confidence in the 2030 Project. They confirm there is support for ambitious action across all these areas.

It is a huge agenda:
To be successful, the 2030 Project needs to be a real joint effort. So we want to involve as many other local community groups as possible: parish councils, the district and county councils, local schools, churches, clubs and societies, farmers, businesses and more.

Over the summer a series of Action Groups will be formed to take forward these ideas and come up with concrete plans. You can read the full Survey Report and learn how you can get involved on our website: http://www.greeningsteyning.org
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