We are all in the same Bubble so Let’s protect it!

As we enter 2021, we are focused on coping and getting through to the other side of the pandemic. We are concerned about our families, our work, school and when we can get a vaccination. We are living in our own support bubbles, and following the guidelines of Tier 4.

Yet we are also part of a much bigger bubble, we are all citizens of the same planet. The futurist, Buckminster Fuller, coined the phrase 'Spaceship Earth' to describe our world as a spaceship hurtling through space with limited resources that we need to conserve and protect. As far as we know, we live on the only planet that will support life in the universe. That makes our beautiful, unique Earth indescribably precious.

Just as we need to protect our small personal bubble of family and friends, we need to look after our big bubble too. So, in 2021 we might think of ourselves as stewards and citizens of the Earth. Our work is to stop the ecological devastation that is threatening nature, and to prevent climate breakdown which might lead to the loss of many species and ultimately humans too if left unchecked.

Covid-19 has provided the ideal window of opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, reset our priorities and decide who we want to be in the new normal. We have the chance to imagine how amazing our world could be if we continue to all work together beyond the pandemic. What if we can maintain the amazing community spirit, neighbourliness and compassion that has served us so well. We can reflect on what matters most during these unsettling times.

One of the great lessons of 2020 is that what unites us is far greater than what separates us. Our common humanity matters a great deal and each one of us is being called to focus on the greater good.

Our hope is that we will look back and see the pandemic as a watershed in history, the moment when we acted as global citizens to serve humanity. If there is one definitive lesson from the pandemic, it is that we have an astonishing capacity to come together and unite under a common purpose. If we can maintain this resolve, imagine how many other global problems we could solve. We have the capacity to prevent ecological and climate collapse. We can be an extraordinary species meeting the challenges of these extraordinary times.

Now is the ideal moment to revive the famous green slogan ‘Think Global and Act Local’. We can commit to making a positive difference in 2021. As individuals and families you can do a great deal with new year’s resolutions such as:

• Sorting out your Loft Insulation

• Replacing you old, uneconomical boiler with a new, efficient alternative

• Walking or Cycling more, and leaving your car in the drive

• Investing in your first electric car

• Trying out some vegetarian recipes from that cookbook that’s been gathering dust

Another resolution could be to contribute to our local community. You could join our 2030 project to help make Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding a visionary community, where people and nature can thrive together.

Whatever your age, background, knowledge, skills or experience we would love to have on board. Why not join one of our four action groups that cover Housing and Energy, Transport, Green Consumer and Biodiversity.

Find out more here on our website: http://greeningsteyning.org where you can also subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us directly at: greeningsteyning@gmail.com

Or you can always email us at: greeningsteyning@gmail.com
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