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Currently available until 14th December:

'Mad cap ideas - Quality Inventions' by Douglas J Eaton.

The New Year begins with two special talks.

From Monday 11th January until Sunday 14th February:

'Brighton before the Pavilion - a different aspect of the city's history' by Geoff Mead - Well known University of Sussex lecturer.

From Monday 15th February until Sunday 14th March:

'Why gardening matters' by Juliet Sargeant - Award winning garden designer and experienced plants woman.

Juliet says 'This will be a reflection on 30 years of work as a garden designer, outlining some projects that have been important to me in transforming people's lives and the way they relate to their gardens and the wider landscape.

I will speak about the changes that I have witnessed in people's understanding of the importance of landscape to our health and well- being; the burgeoning body of scientific evidence and the slow, but important change in the attitudes of policy-makers.

And, I will celebrate the work of other garden-makers, scientists and health professionals in this field.

I will outline the importance of the home gardener as steward of a large total area of land and illustrate how a greater connectedness to Nature is changing the way that we garden.

How we are eschewing some traditional methods and learning to garden more in harmony with Nature and with greater responsibility to the Planet and its future inhabitants.'

This is a special talk to remind all gardeners about their responsibility towards the Planet, to combat Climate Change and to consider joining Greening Steyning.

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
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