Take part in our Wildlife Garden Survey:

The Biodiversity Group has been buzzing with ideas and have decided their first step is to work with the local community to create a map of what species and habitats we have in our area.

Unless we know what we’ve got now, how can we make a sensible plan to protect and enhance it in future?

We’re asking families to fill in a short online survey to say what wild birds, insects and animals they see in their garden, and say how wildlife friendly their garden is. Do you have pond for example?

Have you planted any flowers to attract pollinators? How often do you cut the grass in summer?

No matter how big or small your garden is - we want to hear from you, and you could win a bird nest box for taking part! The aim is to engage individuals and ultimately whole streets to work together to make gardens into wildlife friendly environments.

The Survey is open until January 5th. Here’s the link to take part: http://bit.ly/garden-survey-2020

For more information on the 2030 Project visit: www.greeningsteyning.org
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