Steyning in Bloom

Congratulations to Steyning gardeners.  2018 has been an extraordinary year!  Initially, there was no problem with  irrigation, though perhaps too much rain at times. But then, as the Steyning Festival opened, the sun burst through and now we're nearly in the third month of a Mediterranean summer – a delight for most, but a headache for gardeners!  The town still looks wonderful. Residents have put a great deal of effort, creativity and enthusiasm into their gardens with some magnificent results.

Our team of judges walked round the different areas of Steyning during the months of June and July.  This is always a delightful task, but it's sometimes difficult  picking out the winners.  We look for overall design, best use of space and clever landscaping, variety of planting, the well being of the plants and general tidyness and of course the Wow factor.....which we found in spades at Liz Blake's garden - brilliant colours, good design and cleverly painted fences and pots.
We loved the varied planting and the massed containers at Patsy and Brian Walton's garden; and were hugely impressed by the rows of cottage gardens at Dingemans Court - each one slightly different, vibrant, quirky and very personal. They are generally tended by the fitter members of the community -  an excellent and heart warming example of corporate gardening.   Penns Court gardens have the same wonderful atmosphere.

The Winners are.......

24 Penlands Vale   Liz Blake

The Bungalows, Dingemans Court The Residents

15 Penlands Rise Patsy and Brian Walton

Steyning Tea Rooms
H.J.Burt, Estate Agents

Foxley Cottage, Charlton Street
5 Church Street
54 Penlands Vale
7 Middle Mead
24 Saxon Road


3 Breach Close
41 Charlton Street
Court Cottage, Church Street
16 High Street
115 High Street
2 Kew Cottages, High Street
3 Ingram Road
13a Ingram Road
1 King Alfred Close
45 Kings Barn Lane
4 Laines Road
30 Laines Road
4 Maltings Green
6 Mill Road
10 Mill Road
27 Mill Road
Pilgrim Cottage, Mill Road
Penfold Hall
4 Penfold Way
17 Penlands Rise
107 Penlands Vale
109 Penlands Vale
35 Penlands Rise
14 Rosemary Avenue
20 Rosemary Avenue
5 Shooting Fields
102 Shooting Fields
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