Steyning for Trees

1,000 New Trees for Steyning - We are almost there – please help us reach this landmark figure. See details for donating.

FAQS: - Source: Woodland Trust

60 million trees lost to Dutch Elm Disease.

126 million trees in British woods at risk of Ash die-back. Sussex and Kent the 2 most wooded counties in England are facing a huge impact. It is vital we act NOW to replace lost trees and increase species diversity to prevent tree diseases taking hold, maintain a healthy woodland ecosystem, capture carbon, pollution, provide cool shade and a feeling of well-being for generations.

The UK is 71% behind its target of tree-planting. All our decisions are guided by the expertise of the Woodland Trust, plus they supply us with their beautifully grown whips.

Only 8.5% of land is owned by the public sector the rest is privately owned, so we are very grateful to our enlightened landowners who are not only offering us land to plant on but donating. Also to our ‘Landfinder’ from Abbey Road who puts a lot of work and enthusiasm into this.
We have already planted 500 trees as 2 hedges this year and hope to get in another 100 filling in a sparse one. Great for bio-diversity and increasing our wildlife corridors.

You have all been great and taken 330 for your gardens and looked after them so well.
21 semi-mature trees will be planted on verges from November through our partnership with WSCC and your generous donations, where you choose the variety for your verge.

So only 50 more trees to go to our first 1000.

These, hopefully, are going to be planted as a wood (mini forest) on some more, generously offered land.

To donate contact us at: or call us on 01903 816726.
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