Steyning for Trees

Thanks so much to all (over 40 residents) who have donated to Steyning For Trees and chosen a tree to have planted on a verge near them, through the WSCC scheme.

SFT have now sent over £3,000 to WSCC with the list of chosen species. These will be planted during this winter season and are the first phase, in 7 different roads.

These trees will help to combat climate change and pollution, and provide shade and beauty for us and future generations in our lovely town.

The responsibility for these trees is WSCC’s, apart from watering in the first few years. Anyone who is interested in our 2nd phase next year, please contact us via our website:

Plus - we will be planting our hedge (postponed from Easter) on Parish Council land at Abbey Road on 25th September. (The 400 approximately. plants have been ‘nursed’ through the summer!).
And - do come to our stall at the October market. We will again be giving away some saplings for your gardens.

Jo & George (Steyning For Trees)
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