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We often have good visibility and sea temperatures can reach a balmy 20 degrees in the summer. You don't have to dive too deep or travel to distant places to discover a fabulous new underwater world. Many of my dives for example are from the beach at Selsey Bill. It's a wonderful dive site with so much to see ; pipe fish, nudibrach, spider and edible crabs, dog fish, blennies, eels, scorpion fish, shrimp, lobsters and fantastically coloured wrasse, a whole range of brightly coloured sponges to name a few.

There is far more to see than many realise just a few metres off the beach. Boat diving is also popular, enabling divers to visit a massive selection of merchant and wartime ship wrecks, and submarines too. The English Channel is in fact one of the most heavily shipwrecked areas in the world!

Learning to scuba dives takes approx 5 evenings and some home study during the week. It is not complicated, takes approx 30 hours including approx 5 hours in the pool, followed by four dives in the sea. As long as you can swim, feel reasonably confident in the water you can learn to scuba dive. A whole new world will then open up to you. You will be able to see and enjoy firsthand what you may have only seen previously on BBC underwater wildlife programs. We offer friendly, fun courses that we are sure you will enjoy. I run Sea Urchin Divers, and have been diving for thirty years. Based at the Steyning pool, we offer (PADI) Professional Association of Diving Instructor courses. PADI is the largest scuba diving training agency in the world, with well designed and proven safe courses.

We operate at the pool on Monday evenings and we meet at 20.30 hrs. We also run an active scuba club and we warmly welcome all qualified divers or divers wishing to return to diving. Our club is easy going, family friendly. Diving is not the male dominated sport as it once used to be in years gone by, we have almost as many female divers as male. Once qualified you can of course dive abroad, in beautifully clear, very warm water. There, without doubt, you will be captivated by the most vibrant and diverse sea creatures living in an underwater garden of Eden. If you would like to find our more, you can visit our website, come to the pool to see us or call me for a chat. We offer "Discover scuba" sessions, where you can just have a go and see if you like it, for only £30. If you do, and we're sure you will, we then offer a whole range of courses from entry level right up to technical trimix. You can also undertake a whole range of special interest scuba courses including underwater photography.

Please contact me Andy Willett on 07786243763 or email on or see us at
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