Rough Runner UK's only game-show inspired obstacle course is coming

Rough Runner 2019.

The UK’s only game show-inspired obstacle course.

Rough Runner is an obstacle course inspired by game shows - they’ve taken all the best bits from Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, Takeshi’s castle and our personal favourite, Gladiators!

The result is an obstacle course like no other. The founders of the event took issue with traditional, military-style obstacle races, and have been working hard to address them.

The problem? Not everyone is super fit, and not everyone likes being plunged into an ice bath, getting lacerated by barbed wire and then to round it all off, electrocuted at the finish line.

In short, while getting through the race is an achievement, it isn’t an enjoyable one, and too many people are excluded.

The Rough Runner answer was to create an event with obstacles that are still challenging, but without the gratuitous pain involved, and with a distance to suit all levels of fitness. So you can choose from a 5km, 10km or 15km course, with the difficulty of obstacles increasing on the longer routes.

What’s more, in 2019 Rough Runner have announced they will be introducing a timed elite wave, making this event one of the most entertaining competitive events out there and we can’t wait to take on the challenge! The timed elite waves will see batches of hopeful competitors racing each other and pushing themselves to their limits as they try to complete the ultimate challenge.

Full of giant, epic obstacles, the contestants will attempt to complete the course in the fastest time with as few ‘fails’ as possible, and ultimately make it to the finish line where they’ll be tackling the infamous ‘Travelator’ from the hit ‘90s TV show ‘Gladiators’, finally fulfilling that ‘I’d love to have a go’ feeling that we all had growing up watching on Saturday nights.

Beating the Travelator is no mean feat: It takes stamina and determination to reach the top. This activity will test the fittest of competitors, and provide great entertainment for all spectators! There are also a good number of obstacles in easy viewing distance for any supporters in tow, including Wipeout’s sweeper-inspired ‘Swept off your feet’, the gym rings from Hang Tough, and our famous Big Balls.

Hilarious to watch, but even more fun to be involved! We can't promise there wll be an angry Glaswegian referee screaming ‘CONTENDER – READY? GLADIATOR – READY?’, or any ridiculous Lycra get-up (unless you want to, of course) but it will be a hell of a good time! With over 20 obstacles built to test your abilities, Rough Runner has thought of everything when it comes to wiping you out.

Do you think you could make it to the finish line in the fastest time and collect the cash prize?

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