Ode to Peter Harris

At our monthly meeting on October 19th attended by well over 100 people; the Society presented Peter Harris, the retiring Chairman of 21 years, with a collection of Gerald Scarfe cartoons; an original card, signed by members, by Mike Kelly; and an ode written by Ian Gobat.

Over 40 years long he has given to our town
In so many ways with never a frown.
His North Country wit has brought us much mirth;
His eyes with a twinkle, his approach down to earth.
The visits he led informed and brought pleasure,
His knowledge of places it seemed without measure.
His lively commentary - perceptive and humorous;
Schoolboy jokes made us laugh and they were numerous.
His energy and high speed they always impressed
How does he do it without ever a rest?
He's a man with great intellect with a razor sharp mind,
Perceptive and honest but never unkind.
Some may not know this but it can be unveiled,
As a wee lad with family to America he sailed.
Lucky for us the Depression caused pain,
So wee Peter plus folks came back home again.
We must now say farewell to Diana and him,
Our hearts full of thanks are filled to the brim
A great Chairman he's been for twenty one years,
So hip hip and good luck we wish him good cheers.

Adrian Gobat - October 19th 2018
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