Morocco’s Movember Madness!

Throughout November Mr Moule of Upper Beeding Primary School has been raising money for the Movember charity by growing his moustache and asking for sponsors.

As a last push on the final day of November, Morocco (his Year 5/6 class) all donned their best fake moustaches for the day. The children all made a donation and had brilliant fun wearing a selection of classic facial styles throughout the decades. The children managed to raise just shy of £40 to go towards the charity.

I am so pleased that they all shared my enthusiasm for the charity and were all really keen to wear the fake moustaches. They had great fun picking which one they wanted and wearing it around school. Their moustaches looked loads better than mine! We were really pleased to be able to raise so much money for a great cause!

Report submitted by Mr Elliot Moule, Year 5/6 teacher, Morocco Class
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