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Love the outdoors?

Enjoy walking but want to grow your navigation skills and create your own adventures in the local area and beyond?

I teach navigation skills in Sussex to help people build confidence and belief in their ability to head out walking in new places, different environments armed with navigation knowledge and skill.

My passion for being outdoors, walking in hills and mountains, both in the UK and abroad, runs deep. The physical and mental health benefits, challenges and sense of freedom I feel from being in beautiful, wild landscapes are immeasurable. However, I felt increasingly limited by my lack of confidence with navigation skills, often feeling frustrated as I stared, head in map, furrow browed, trying to work out exactly where I was. It was a skill I’d long admired in ‘proper mountaineers’, but didn’t believe it was a skill I’d ever grasp.

So, having recently qualified as a Mountain Leader, the inner confidence I have gained through learning to navigate competently is the most liberating feeling I know. To be able to trust and rely solely on myself to get from A to B, either locally or in the mountains, is incredibly empowering.

So, if you’ve never picked up a map or compass before, or if you want to broaden your skills, HEADS UP NAVIGATION can help you get out there, trust your skills and hike with confidence!

I am happy to offer solo or small group sessions, tasters, a series of sessions, full or half day, weekdays and weekends.

For more information or to make a booking, contact me: 07759 703449 or email: headsupnav47@gmail.com
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