Help us create a zero carbon vision for 2030.

2020 is a defining year. We have to take massive action to prevent climate breakdown and ecological collapse, and heed this powerful warning from Sir David Attenborough:

'It may sound frightening, but the scientific evidence is that, if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies'.

Yet there is still a lot of confusion about climate change. A good way to think about it comes from Yale University who have summarized the challenge in ten words:

'It’s real. It’s us. It’s bad. Scientists agree, There’s hope'.

It’s real:
It is happening now and it’s happening faster than any time for thousands of years.

It’s us:
Climate change is down to us, our lifestyles and reliance on fossil fuels.

It’s bad:
We are leaving a terrifying legacy for our children and grandchildren. If we carry on as we are, we risk runaway climate change. This would make much of our planet uninhabitable and bring down our civilization.

Scientist agree:
Over 97% of the world’s climate scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans. They have warned that we have until 2030 to prevent catastrophic increases in temperature.

There’s hope:
We have the technology, the knowledge and the resources to turn things around. All that is needed is our commitment and determination to take positive action.

Creating a shared vision:
Greening Steyning is reaching out to everyone in our community to participate in creating a shared vision for Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding in 2030.

We want to work together to develop a plan so we can be part of the solution rather than the problem.

How can we make our community greener as well as healthier, happier and more resilient?

Here are some ideas to begin the conversation.

A healthier community:

We want to promote the health benefits of walking and cycling. We want to build more cycle paths and reduce traffic, which will lead to more physical activity and also reduce pollution. We also want to grow more food locally and encourage healthier diets which also have a lower carbon footprint.

A happier community:
Slowing down, reducing stress and living more simply reduces stress and anxiety. Stronger connections with your neighbours, volunteering and being part of a community movement are proven to make you happier. Spending more time in nature in our beautiful countryside boosts your wellbeing.

A more resilient community:
As we head into an uncertain future, we should also aim to be more self sufficient. We want to generate most of our energy from local, renewable sources by 2030. And we need to be smarter about preparing for the challenges that a changing climate will bring, like increased flooding and droughts.

Getting started:
On January 28th this year we started the process of creating a shared vision at our Climate Action meeting. Now we need your help. We want to reach out beyond our membership and get your ideas so we can turn our vision into reality. How can we make Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding the greenest, healthiest and happiest place in Britain?

Count me in:
If you would like to get involved in this ambitious new project, sign up at: Tell us what areas you are most interested in and how you might be able to help.

For more information visit our website at
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