Help raise funds for a local charity.

In these unprecedented times the care team at St Barnabas House is doing everything possible to carry on during the coronavirus crisis, providing essential hospice care for people who really need it.

But we need your help too. That’s why we’re asking people in our local community to consider joining the St Barnabas House Lottery.

The regular, weekly income our Lottery provides allows us to plan ahead and budget effectively for the difficult times now and to come. It costs just £1 a week to play and helps pay for essential hospice care. By joining the Lottery, you could make a huge difference to very deserving local people exactly when they need it most.

And that’s not all. Everyone who plays our Lottery stands a chance of winning our top prize of £1,000 every single week.

Margaret Smart, from Worthing, knows exactly how much of a difference winning a prize can make. She recently told us how happy she was to win a prize of £100. 'I’m putting the money towards giving a boost to my grandson’s pocket money, and I’ve got a good idea that he’s going to spend the money on buying a very big jigsaw puzzle. He loves jigsaws.
What I would really like to do is give this wonderful cause a big donation. But I’m retired and elderly and haven’t got the money. This lottery gives me the chance to give a little bit of money each week, which I can easily afford.'

Obviously, all of us are under a lot of pressure right now – but playing our Lottery  could help St Barnabas House do so much for so many people in the weeks and months ahead.

To find out more – and start playing our Lottery and making a real difference right away visit

Thank you.
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