Egg-citing Discovery at Upper Beeding!

What started as a normal Monday at Upper Beeding Primary School changed very quickly after lunchtime break!

When the children of KS1 returned to their classrooms after lunch, the classrooms were a mess, tables were overturned, and lunch boxes scattered about. What or who had been in their classrooms whilst they were outside playing?

The children discovered a map and a letter which told them that a special visitor had left something for them to look after, but what was it?

The letter contained clues which the children followed using the map, undertaking a quest to find what had been hidden in school for them.

It was very exciting when we found three huge eggs at the end of our playing field.

The children carefully handled the eggs, thinking about what it looked like, felt like, smelt like, and what sounds they could hear from inside the egg.

Each class will now look after an egg to see what might hatch and therefore identify who left them for the children to find!

Report submitted by KS1 Leader Mrs Debbie Gilpin
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