Benefits of conscious breathing?

Hi I’m Mel, also known as BreathGal and I’m a breath-coach. I help people improve their wellbeing & overall health through conscious breathing. The majority of us breathe dysfunctionally and this can have a profound impact on both our physical & mental health. Anxiety & stress is a common symptom of dysfunctional breathing.

What are the benefits of conscious breathing?

There are a huge range of benefits, from strengthening our lungs, lowering blood pressure, improving digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic systems to name a few. Breathwork is also beneficial for overall mental health. I am seeing many clients currently due to anxiety, tension & fear due to concerns around the COVID19 pandemic.

Breathwork moves you quickly from your ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic nervous system to your ‘rest and digest’ parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to feel in a state of calm & deep relaxation, and this is all within your control that you can access at any time, anywhere!

So what is Conscious breathing?
Conscious breathing started with yoga, which originated in India and dates back more than 5.000 years. Breathwork is used by professionals including athletes, midwives, & psychologists. I use various techniques in my sessions depending on your needs & goals.

The world right now may feel a stressful place due to the coronavirus. We may have ill health or know someone that is. We may be isolating or have loved ones that are. Learning some simple, accessible breathing techniques can help you manage stress & anxiety.

If you’d like to try Breathwork to support your overall wellbeing, I offer breathing sessions online, either via monthly group workshops, or personalised 1:1’s.

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