World Spine Day 16th October

October 4th, 2020
World Spine Day 16th October and is a reminder to take care of yourself structurally.
Mark Jones from Well Adjusted Health shares the Straighten Up exercises to encourage adults and children alike to look after their spinal health. They are designed to be done on a daily basis and become part of the daily routine, just like brushing our teeth.

The programme is divided into three simple segments:
1. Stars: Warm Up.
2. Flying Friends: Posture Care.
3. Core Balance: Finish the Session.

The exercises can be adapted to suit individual capabilities (discuss with GP, chiropractor or other healthcare practitioner).
Easy to learn and do, the sequence of exercises consists of precise, slow stretches, each with a specific purpose. The Straighten Up materials have been developed with both adults and children in mind.
Straighten Up is an enjoyable three minute spinal health programme designed to help you feel and look your best.

Basic Rules:
1. Think positively.
2. STAND TALL. Straighten Up with a confident posture (ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should be in a straight line).
3. Breathe calmly, deeply and slowly from your stomach region.
4. Move smoothly. Do not jerk or bounce.

Straighten up in the STAND TALL posture. Ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should be in a straight line.
Pull your belly towards your spine.

From the STAND TALL posture, spread your arms and legs into the Star.
• Facing forward, place one hand in the air with the other at your side. Breathe in as you slowly stretch one arm overhead, while slowly bending your entire spine to the opposite side and sliding the other hand down your thigh. Relax at the end of the stretch, breathing out and in again.Perform slowly twice to each side.
Easy does it.

In the STAR position with belly button drawn inward, gently turn your head to look at one hand.
Slowly twist your entire spine to watch your hand as it goes behind you.
Relaxing in this position, breathe out and in.
• Perform slowly twice to each side.
Enjoy the slow gentle stretch.

From the STAR position, raise your arms in ‘hands up’ position. Bring your left elbow across your torso towards your raised right knee.
Repeat the movement using your right elbow and left knee.
• Remain upright as you continue to alternate sides for 15 seconds. Breathe freely.
Enjoy. • Individuals with balance disorders should use caution when attempting this exercise.
Breathe deeply and calmly, relaxing your stomach region.
Let your head hang loosely forward and gently turn from one side to the other. Using your fingers, gently massage the area just below the back of your head.
Move down to the base of your neck.
• Then relax your shoulders and slowly roll them backwards and forwards.
Enjoy for 15 seconds.

In the STAND TALL posture, bring your arms out to the sides and gently draw your shoulder blades together.
Breathe in as you slowly raise your arms, touching your hands together above your head.
Slowly lower your arms to your sides as you breathe out.
Perform three times.

Next, make small backward circles with your hands and arms drawing your shoulder blades together.
Sway gently from side to side in the HUMMINGBIRD.
Enjoy for 10 seconds.

Place your hands behind your head and gently draw your elbows backward. Slowly and gently press your head backwards and resist with your hands for a count of two and release.
Breathe freely.
Perform three times.
• Gently massage the back of your neck and head as you relax your stomach region.

• In the STAND TALL position with your belly button drawn in.
• Take a step forward as if on a tight rope. Make sure your knee is over your ankle and not over your toes.
Allow the heel of your back foot to lift.
Balance in this position for 20 seconds.
Repeat on the opposite side.

Position in the STAND TALL posture with your feet wider than shoulders, gently rotate your trunk from side to side. Easy does it.
• Let your arms flop loosely, as you shift your weight from knee to knee.
• Swing gently from side to side. Breathe calmly and deeply.
Enjoy for 15 seconds.

Stand in the STAR position, keeping your stance wide with your belly button in.
• Turn your foot outward as you shift your weight to one side. Feel the groin area gently stretching.
Place your knee over ankle and elbow above your knee as you extend your arm, torso, and ribs. Easy does it.
• Older adults should place their hand on their knee.
Stretch for 10 seconds to each side.

Shake limbs loosely for 15 seconds.
• This one is pure fun.
We are done!

For more information and to see an accompanying video go to:

You can also order a printed brochure to be sent free of charge.

We can help if you are concerned about your back or any other pain and would like an expert opinion, please contact Well Adjusted Health on 01903 892171

You can also book a Free 15 minute consultation for you or your family.
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